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recycled compost

Recycled Compost to Enhance Your Soil

If you’re looking to stock up on soil for any type of landscaping project, Vancouver Island Enterprises is the team you need to talk to help you meet your soil requirements. We pride ourselves on producing quality organic soil that will optimize your growing conditions.


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Healthy soil is at the root of a healthy garden. When you supplement your regular topsoil with our natural, unrefined compost, you’re keeping it well-fed and well-nourished without the need for additional plant foods or pesticides. We also offer bark mulch, which helps to replenish soil and prevent it from compacting.


Other benefits of adding compost and mulch to your soil include:

  • Superior drainage

  • Enhanced water retention

  • Improved air flow

  • Moderated soil temperature

  • Reduced weeds


Keep your flower beds topped up and visit us today at one of our two locations.  By the Comox Valley Airport or Royston Road.

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